3DS Find Mii – Shirt color to spell correlation

Posted: April 3, 2011 in Gaming

This is for those of you who have played the Mii plaza games specifically “Find Mii” and where looking for a spell to color comparison so maybe you can help out your friends here you go (obviously a work in progress)



Fire (Fire Damage)


Morale Boost (Following heroes get an extra sword attack)


Sandstorm (Lowers accuracy – also makes your sword attacks useless)
Lime Green 


Sleep (Puts ghosts to sleep – grants extra attacks)


Level Boost (grants the next hero an additional “temporary” level)


Water (Water damage – Doesn’t affect blue ghosts)
Light Blue 


Ice (Freezes ghosts – grants extra attacks)


Courage Boost


Poison (Does  1 poison damage per turn – possibly stays on enemy between “outings”)


Summons Wandering Hero (summons a random hero – only useful if you want a chance at a different color or a chance at finding a higher lvl)


White Magic (Brings light into the area)


Black Magic (Cover’s area in darkness)

*cannot stack

feel free to contribute in the comment section


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